(Video) Two foreign tourists were saved by car horns from a deadly bear attack on Transfăgărășan road


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The two unconscious tourists narrowly escaped death, saved by the noise made by the honks of passing cars.

The tourists parked the car on the side of the Transfăgărășan road and started to feed the bear. They have taken some selfies with the bear at the same time.

A gross display of recklessness, which the two – Ukrainians or Bulgarians, judging by the license plates of their car – proved today. It could easily cost their lives.

Actually, the two tourists risked their lives by treating the bear like a homegrown cat.

Nearby, another bear is seen trying to get close to the tourists, but is frightened by passing cars honking their horns.

Luckily for the two oblivious tourists, the bears were scared off by the constant honking and disappeared into the forest. Otherwise, it could have ended tragically.

Bear feeding is strictly forbidden, according to Romanian law. But unfortunately, there are many who are constantly disregarding it (both Romanians and foreigners) and put their lives at risk.

Ilustrations courtesy of tiktok @anamariakontratovici


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