Romania is one of the last countries in the entire European Union in terms of corona vaccination. Actually, less than 35% of Romanian adults got vaccinated, as of mid-November 2021. A worse situation is to be found in neighboring Bulgaria only.

In such circumstances, there is no wonder the Romanian hospitals are overcrowded with corona-infected patients. Since at least one month, there is no free beds at all in the intensive care units all over the country.

The only way to avoid those intensive care units (if not to avoid to be infected) is the vaccine. In Romania are used the vaccines manufactured by Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson and Moderna, while the vaccine made by British-Swedish company AstraZeneca is surprisingly avoided in the last months.

We present here the video testimony of a compatriot, the engineer Siviu Dendea (in the picture above), an employee of a company doing business in the energy branch, who recently went through the corona-disease, although he had been vaccinated with both doses. Moreover, Mr. Dendea’s mother got infected too, soon after him, despite the fact she also got vaccinated.

This is a story about how a simple vaccine shot can make the difference between a quick and full recovery, respectively a long suffering time or, in the worst case scenario, the death. Please watch and listen Silviu Dendea’s story by clicking here below, think and draw the conclusions.

English subtitles are available.

Watch, listen, think and draw the conclusion


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