Dear Sri Lankan people, you have probably heard that many of your fellow nationals are already working in Romania.

It is good to know that most of Sri Lankans working in Romania are highly appreciated by their employers. Most Sri Lankans are enjoying a trouble-free stay in Romania, as racism and xenophobia are virtually unknown in this country.

However, a scandal with international echoes has recently broken out: the villagers from Ditrau (Harghita county, central Romania) do not want the two bakers from Sri Lanka to work in their village. Neither to stay there.

All that because of their skin color and their culture, which is – obviously – different.

Of course, the Romanian authorities reacted quickly, as well as the entire Romanian society. The safety and well being of Sri Lankan bakers are guaranteed.

Moreover, several other employers, from all over Romania, have expressed their wish to hire two bakers harassed by the people of Ditrau.

Just avoid jobs in Harghita (HR) and Covasna (CV) counties and everything will be just fine

It is good to know that in the village of Ditrau, 99% of inhabitants are ethnic Hungarians (Szeklers). These people are xenophobic and racists, not the Romanian majority of the country.

Generally speaking, Romanians are not racists at all. Neither Hungarians living in Romania (about 6% of the country’s population) are. Just some people in the counties specified below.

So if you plan to come and work in Romania, best is to avoid, at all costs, the counties of Harghita and Covasna (middle Romania), mostly inhabited by ethnic Hungarians, named „Szeklers”.

In the rest of the country, you’ll be welcomed and will have a nice stay, if you simply follow the common-sense rules and obey the laws.

Romania needs a foreign labor force, so your skills will be highly appreciated and rewarded. Short said if you want to come here, to get a better job and a better life, just follow the legal paths and come.


Picture courtesy of Facebook/Ditrau bakery (Brutăria Ditrău)


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