Romanian Justice Minister Tudorel Toader „decided to take holidays suddenly, after announcing that the interviews for the election of the three candidates from which a European prosecutor from Romania will be appointed are postponed. He did not explained the postponement, he did not announce any other date for organizing the interviews”, eurodeputy Monica Macovey says.

One of these three candidates is former DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruţa Kovesi, a tremendous fear of the corrupt Romanian officials.

„The only reason why Toader (shown in the picture above) could postpone the interviews to nominate candidates for the position of European Prosecutor is to modify the EGO 8 in order to comply with the EPPO Regulation. Any other reason means a new sabotage of Romania in the EU by the Government controlled by Dragnea.

EGO 8, adopted at Toader’s proposal, violates the EPPO Regulation, as I already said publicly, because it has removed essential requirements for the designation of European prosecutors. It is about experience in financial investigations, international judicial cooperation in criminal matters and guarantees of independence of prosecutors. In addition, Toader headed the selection committee and there was no representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Romania has to submit the three candidatures by the end of March 2019 to meet the deadlines set by the European Commission. Does Toader want to follow, again, PSD & ALDE’s intentions to sabotage EPPO? Does he want to take responsibility for this shameful act?”, Monica Macovei says in a recent press release.


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