Alina Fotache, a young pregnant woman from the village of Moşoaia (Argeş county), was due to give birth in the late February.

She undergone medical supervision at the Argeş County Hospital in Piteşti, but the gynecologist, dr Iulian Andronic, assured her that her health condition is normal.

The woman felt unwell, so she went again to see the gynecologist, but all she got from the doctor were some usual painkillers.

After few days and after another visit to the doctor, an echography revealed the baby does not move anymore.

Finally, Alina delivered a dead newborn. The young woman is convinced that the cause of the baby’s death is the medical negligence.

An investigation is to be opened soon. Untill now, no comments from the Argeş County Hospital management.

Picture courtesy of Alina Fotache facebook account


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