This sunday, on september 24, 2019, the final round of the presidential elections will be held in Romania.

After the first round, in the final qualified the first two candidates: the acting president, Klaus Werner Iohannis (National Liberal Party) and Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă (Social Democratic Party).

Viorica Dăncilă, president of the Social Democratic Party and former prime minister

In the first round, president Iohannis got 37,82%. His opponent in the second round, Mrs. Dăncilă, got 22,36% only.

According to the opinions of most Romanian political analysts, Mr. Iohannis (in the picture above) is favorite to get a second inning.

According to the Romanian Constitution, a person can exercise no more than two presidential innings, no matter if consecutively or separately.


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