Romania’s emigrant population grows steady since 2008


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„Romania had the fifth largest emigrant population in member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2015/2016, according to the “Talent Abroad: A Review of Romanian Emigrants” report, published by the OECD and commissioned by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, reported „Business Review” magazine few days ago.

„There have been significant changes to Romanian emigration patterns since the early 2000s. Romanians had increasing access to mobility opportunities as Romania sought closer ties with the European Union. The accession of Romanian to the EU in 2007 represented a turning point”, the OECD research says, quoted by „Business Review”.

Most of the Romanians working abroad are young people, many of them holding various university degrees, including doctors, architects, computer scientists, but also high skilled workers looking for better wages and/or better working conditions and opportunities.

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