An Jeep Grand Cherokee got fire during driving on a motorway in Western Germany, Saturday past weekend.

A Romanian truck driver has immediately stopped his vehicle and helped the driver, Mrs Natalie Muller from Herchweiler and her female friend, Mrs Claudia Priem, to escape out of the burning vehicle.

Besides, the driver also disconnected the trailer towed by the Jeep and pushed it (helped by other passing by motorists) away from the flames.

Mrs Muller and her friend were on their way to a equestrian competition, together with the horses Shadow and Flash.

Both women and horses have escaped unharmed, thanks to the courageous driver intervention.

All Mrs Muller knows about her savior is that he is Romanian, a tall man in his middle 40’s, with blonde, short cut hair.

Willing to personally thank the driver for his heroic behavior, Mrs. Muller is trying now to find him using the Facebook network. Her post can be seen by clicking the link below:

If you have any knowledge about who the truck driver may be, please contact us or try to contact Mrs Natalie Muller, by using her Facebook account.

Picture courtesy of Natalie Muller/Facebook


  1. Corectie: Mercedes-ul SUV este de fapt un Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Aveţi dreptate. Am operat corecturile care se impuneau. Vă mulţumim pentru faptul că ne-aţi atras atenţia.


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