Romanian couple and their Dacia Duster have just reached the coldest place on the Earth


The Bertici family (Kinga and Attila) a couple from the Romanian city of Satu-Mare, has completed today one of the most daring expeditions ever made by a serial car.

They left Satu-Mare on December, 12 last year, aboard their Dacia Duster, heading to the city of Oymyakon, located in Siberia, Russian Federation, the coldest place on the entire planet Earth.

The destination has been reached today, after almost one month and about 11,500 km, of which the last 1,000 driven in extremely harsh conditions: gravel roads entirely covered by snow and ice, sometimes no roads at all, and temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius.

During this adventurous and dangerous trip, the Dacia Duster performed very well. However, when outside temperatures dropped way bellow minus 40 degrees, the engine has worked a little worse.

But the Duster did not stop till the very end of the road. The Bertici family is the first Romanians to reach Oymyakon in wintertime, with no help from road assistance cars.

Also, the Duster they used is the first Dacia car ever to reach the coldest place on the Earth.

So, it’s time to talk with a little more respect about Dacia cars, because there are just a few car brands who could perform such an epic journey, without any trouble.

Photos courtesy of Kinga and Attila Bertici


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