The well known Romanian low-cost brand Dacia will unveil its first electric car ever made, at the Geneve Motor Show which will start on March 5 this year.

Despite plans were to produce first a hybrid car, and after that to go for electric-powered vehicles, the French Groupe Renault has decided to „accelerate” the development of a new electric car, which will be marketed under the Dacia brand.

The first Dacia fully electric-powered (named, for now, Dacia Urban City car) is believed to go on sale in all European countries in late 2021 or early 2022.

It will be based on Renault K-ZE city car (shown in the picture above), built and sold in China only, since last year. The engine will offer just around 44 HP, „fueled” by a lithium-ion 26,8 kWh battery.

These figures are not too impressive, but neither will be the price, which is expected to be the lowest on the entire European car market, for such a vehicle: somewhere around 11,500-15,000 euros, depending on bonuses offered in each market.

Photo courtesy of Groupe Renault


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