Romanian Robert Glinţă, one of the best swimmers of the world, has published yesterday a message related to the coronavirus epidemic, wich is affecting nowadays most of the countries of the world.

Robert calls everyone to empathy and solidarity, proving a surprising maturity for his only 23 years.

You can read here below Robert’s message to all of us:

„I feel like this is a perfect moment to finally realize that the best people can do to overcome what is happening in the world right now, is taking care of each other’s physical, mental and emotional health with love and empathy. Yes be precautious, take safety measures, protect yourself as you hear everywhere how to.

But don’t be selfish thinking only about yourself. Don’t point out with hate to one another. Don’t try to fuel your panic with random information you find on the web.

As this virus already brought severe consequences to the flow of things, we are all facing difficulties in our lives. So we can all relate to each other about how we feel. So why not choose to be conscious about the reality as it is, and focus only on the things you can control!

And with calm and clarity in mind, adapt to these new conditions now, so that hopefully everything can realign as it should sooner rather than later.

Be mindful. Stay safe. Be compassionate”.

Picture courtesy of Robert Glinţă/Facebook


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