North African Greens Federation, press statement on the occasion of Earth Day: ”No place on Earth is safe from now on”


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Earth Day was celebrated worldwide yesterday. On this occasion, the chairman of the North African Green Parties Federation, former senator dr. Mohamed Awad (in picture above), issued a statement which we published below.

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”54 years ago today, American Senator Gaylord Nelson made a call to protect the planet from destruction. This was after he witnessed environmental devastation and the diminishing concern for it compared to the greed for natural resources during his historic visit to Santa Barbara.

The millions of protests worldwide against environmental degradation from all nations on every continent continue to this day, which is evidence that our green vision is right. It’s also a motivation to persist in our struggle to curb humanity’s rush towards the abyss.

Green leaders in North Africa had a dialogue today on the occasion of Earth Day, and they assessed the current global reality. Based on this premise, we emphasize the following:

Firstly, preserving the rights of future generations is one of the key pillars of our thinking – we, the Greens, are driven to remind everyone that safeguarding the Earth is a right for the future generations, and a message we all commit to delivering in the present.

Water, a common heritage of all humanity

Secondly, the continuous increase in the conflict over our planet’s water resources is becoming a cause for concern about the future of Earth and humanity. It is crucial to remind everyone that water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface in various forms and is a common heritage of all humanity, not owned by anyone individually.

This contradicts current principles regarding water upstream and downstream countries, as well as serious encroachments on natural reserves in groundwater. Therefore, we call for the establishment of an advanced international legal framework for water that meets human needs and avoids destructive conflicts on Earth.

Thirdly, reports have addressed the period of the pandemic and its impact on the Earth, and the significant losses that have affected humanity economically and health-wise. However, parallel monitoring has revealed a noticeable improvement in the health condition of the Earth, as a direct result of the reduction in human activities during periods of quarantine.

This result reveals the surpassing of the global economic race beyond the boundaries of marginal utility, considering the value of the Earth to humanity. We do not deny the immense technological progress that enables us to pinpoint each of our locations on Earth, but we have become in dire need of a technology, vision, and behavior through which we define our position in life.

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No place on Earth is entirely safe

Fourthly, we are cautiously observing the numerous initiatives for a greener Middle East. Our focus extends far beyond merely admiring the environment, as we strive to preserve its natural genes found in the Earth. We advocate for serious initiatives that seek to reconcile with the earth, reduce its anger, and halt the impulsive human behavior that disrupts its climate balance.

Fifthly, natural phenomena that have never been experienced by humanity, such as devastating earthquakes, raging floods, and rampant fires, serve as indicators of extreme fluctuations in the Earth’s stability. Along with the possibility of emerging new phenomena amidst the continuation of destructive wars and armed conflicts, these threats endanger the future of life on Earth.

Unfortunately, no place on Earth is entirely safe havens from these upcoming dangers. Therefore, we must all work together to delay the occurrence of these hazards and mitigate their negative effects. Let us use the prevailing pessimism in scientific circles as motivation to encourage greater respect for the Earth.

Dr. Mohamed Awad, chairman of the North African Green Federation, Egyptian Green Party

Picture courtesy of Facebook/Global Greens


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