„Indian-origin filmmakers Aadhitya Bahudhanam and Keerthi Ayeshwarya are currently developing „Capricorn” a Psychological Horror-Thriller, under their Sharjah, UAE-based film production company Aadhi Brahma Productions LLC”, announced the company in a press release.

Capricorn” is a dark-genre story set in a small town with rich, medieval undertones and revolves around the life of a widowed detective who investigates the paranormal deaths at an ancient castle and finds herself in a psychological labyrinth that takes her back to her cryptic, grotesque past, Aadhi Brahma Productions informed.

As long as we know, the „small town with rich, medieval undertones” may well be the Bran Castle and the surrounding area, as the castle has became a symbol of the region and a must when talking about thrillers and horrors.

Some parts of the movie will be shot in the Poenari (also spelled Poienari) Fortress, in Argeş county, within the ancient border between Romanian provinces of Transylvania and Wallachia.

„When asked what motivated the producers to choose Transylvania, the creators credited the rich supports offered to film productions, the highly talented regional Cast and Crew, the exceptional safety standards ensured by the Government during the pandemic, and the picturesque locations offered by Romania.

Mr Ovidiu Ciugulea, the Executive Producer of the future thriller succes „Capricorn”

Mr. Ovidiu Ciugulea, the Executive Producer and VFX Supervisor of „Capricorn„, further added that they aspire to be successful as the recent gothic horror – Director Corin Hardy’s „The Nun„, which also used Romania as its filming location”, the quoted press release also stated.

Before joining the cinema industry, Ovidiu Ciugulea has worked for several years for a local Romanian TV station, based in the city of Târgu-Mureş, wich also lies in Transylvania.

First shots are to be performed this autumn, most likely in september.

Pictures courtesy of Ovidiu Ciugulea, „Casa Dobre” pension Bran


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