„It is a rainy day for many of us, but for some of our customers Spring is coming”, Romanian low cost carmaker Dacia has announced yesterday. It means, actually, that the new Dacia Spring, the first electric powered car ever built in Romania, is going to reach its first Romanian customers.

Dacia Spring was scheduled to be presented at Geneve International Motor Show, in Switzerland, last year, but the show has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apart from that, the EGT New Energy Automotive factory (a joint venture between the local carmaker Dongfeng and Groupe Renault), where the Dacia Spring is produced, is located in the Chinese province of Hubei, right in the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. This fact has delayed once more the Dacia Spring launch.

Waiting to charge the battery in Lille, northern France

The new electric small vehicle is based on Renault K-ZE city car, offers just 44 HP and is „fueled” by a lithium-ion 27,4 kWh battery. The autonomy will be between 230 km (WLTP mixed cycle) and 305 km (WLTP urban cycle), the carmaker says.

To charge the battery to full capacity it will take around 8-10 hours, using a classic, domestic, 220 V plug and less than 5 hours using a Wallbox charging station, Dacia stated.

But that’s not all: „using a fast charging station, the Spring’s battery can be charged to 80% of its entire capacity in less than one hour”, according to dacia.ro website.

Dacia Spring’s prices in Romania are going to be from 18,300 euros onward. Considering the eco-bonuses offered by the Romanian Government, the car can be purchased for less than 9,000 euros. As a consequence, the new Dacia Spring has no rival in its class, in terms of price.

In the pictures are shown two Dacia Spring „refueling” and waiting for „refueling”, respectively, in the northern French city of Lille, near the French-Belgian border. Pictures have been taken by one of our readers, Mr. Iulian Preda, to whom we thank for sharing the pictures to us and to you.


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