ENGIE Romania (formerly known as Distrigaz Sud) acquired the shares held by Gazprom Schweiz AG and affiliates in Wirom, a gas distribution, supply and services company operating in the Southern part of Romania, therefore increasing its shareholding from 48,85% to 100%, after having received the cleareance of the Romanian Competition Council (Consiliul Concurenţei).

The announcement has been made today by the ENGIE press office, located in Bucharest.

„With this acquisition, ENGIE Romania reinforces its position as the largest gas distributor and supplier to the regulated market in the country. This is in line with the Group strategy to develop its Global Networks and Customer Solutions activities and to strengthen its core business in key markets. The acquisition process started early 2018 and the Share Sale Purchase Agreement was signed in November 2018”, ENGIE officials say.

 „This acquisition allows ENGIE Romania to further consolidate its position in the gas sector and develop its customer portfolio, as well as to offer Wirom’s customers a wider range of energy services and related digital tools”, stated Mr. Eric Stab, chairman & CEO of ENGIE Romania.

Wirom is a gas distribution and supply company to both the regulated and free markets and provider of energy services in the Southern part of Romania, in five municipalities, namely Giurgiu, Alexandria, Turnu Măgurele, Olteniţa and Corabia.

Currently, Wirom operates a gas distribution network of approximate 300 km, has a portfolio of 44.000 customers and continually expands its network in order to be able to serve more customers.

Wirom company registered a turnover of approx. 12 million EUR in 2017 and employs around 100 people.

About ENGIE România

ENGIE is active in Romania in three areas: gas, electricity and energy services. The main subsidiary of the Group, ENGIE Romania, supplies natural gas and electricity, distributes natural gas, offers energy related services to all market segments and also produces electricity.

The company’s business is more focused in the southern area of the country, however, including Argeş county.

ENGIE Romania serves more than 1.7 million customers, operates 19.000 km of networks, owns and operates wind farms with a capacity of 100 MW and employs around 3.700 people.

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