Dacia Duster 3rd generation, to be revealed in late February 2024, at Geneve International Motor Show


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A new generation, the 3rd one, of the well know Romanian built SUV Dacia Duster will be revealed to the public at Geneve International Motor Show, between February 26 and March 3.

The new Dacia Duster will be built using the CMF-B Renault developed technical platform. It couldn’t be otherwise, considering the Duster 2nd generation is the only remaining model in the Dacia range that is not yet based on CMF-B tehnical platfom and still uses the obsolete B0+ architecture.

This will change now, bringing improvements in Duster’s ride quality and refinement, without losing the rugged character that is advertised as an important selling point.

What do we know about engines?

For sure it will not be any diesel engine available for Dacia Duster 3rd generation. We also can be sure that Dacia will use small petrol powered engines, turbocharged or not. Renault is known to be a great downsizing lover, when speaking about engines.

So, it is very likely that the small 1.0 liter three cylinder petrol engine will continue to serve as the entry level option, offered in both petrol and LPG versions. No ethanol E85 powered engines, despite the fact that Dacia sold (for over a decade) E85 powered engines in many European markets.

The small 3 pistons petrol powered engine will remain in Duster’s offer. Too small and too weak, many motorists say

Following the opportunity given by the use of CMF-B based architecture, a efficient mild-hybrid petrol powertrain could be introduced as an alternative, ensuring compliance with the stricter emission standards. Probably, it will be the same powertrain already seen on Dacia Jogger: a naturally-aspirated 1.6 liter engine combined with two electric motors, producing 103 KW (around 140 „horses”).

Wider, larger, nicer, more comfortable

It is to be expected that Dacia Duster 3rd generation will be little longer and little wider also, offering more space and comfort to its passengers.

The car is expected to borrow some design features introduced by the Dacia Bigster concept car. Also some Dacia Manifesto features will be used for some extreme, outdoor pointed versions. Among those features: thin LED headlights, triangular taillights, bumpers with integrated aluminum-style skid plates, boxy wheel arches and pronounced fenders and so on.

The front will share some features with the bigger brother Bigster

Roof-mounted tents and other outdoor/camping solutions will be available for the high end variants, keeping Dacia Duster among the good choices for outdoor escapes lovers.

So we can say new Duster will look nicer. But that’s a matter of individual taste.

What about the prices?

The Romanian car builder Dacia has not talked a word yet about the prices of its new generation SUV. After all, it’s way too early to speak about that.

However, it is expected that the prices will be slightly higher than today. That’s because Dacia Duster 3rd generation will offer more than its previous generation, so it is normal to ask more money. Not to speak about the global economic situation.

November 29, 2023 – The new Dacia Duster 3 has been officialy presented today. Some pictures can be seen here.

Picture above courtesy of youtube/DCT Mihai/Carscoops


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