Ian Pearson, the chief executive officer of Ford Romania has visited yesterday the construction site of Craiova-Pitesti expressway, to monitor the progress.

Well, Mr Pearson has seen no progress at all there.

„Having spent almost an hour trying to get through Bals last week I decided to check out the progress on the new Craiova to Pitesti expressway especially the progress of the Bals ring road.

The technological road was started on the 22nd with a statement that the ring road will be ready by the end of the year! As can be seen from the photographs which I took yesterday no much progress has been made since the work started.

It is not only vital for the people and the businesses in Craiova that this road gets completed on time but for all Romanians who need to use this vital southern road!

I will continue to monitor progress and hope that the commitments that were made will be realised”, Mr Pearson wrote in social media.

The work on the expressway started, theoretically, in May, 22, but has been stopped the day after.

Photos courtesy of Ian Pearson/Facebook


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