A new slavery case in Romania. One German and four Romanians, arrested


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„Romanian prosecutors from the anti-organized crime department (DIICOT) held a German citizen and four Romanians in the “Projekt Maramures” case of slavery.

Two other people, namely a German woman and another Romanian, were placed under judicial control for a period of 60 days”, Transylvania Today informed.

Meanwhile, four German teenagers aged between 12 and 18, who were part of the program, were placed under protection at DIICOT’s request.

The so called „Projekt Maramures” started in 2014, when the group begun bringing to Romania German teenagers with antisocial behavior, coming from disorganized families and with severe conditions (depression, psychosis, drug addiction), for reeducation.

„The German authorities took these children from their parents and entrusted them to the organization in Romania for rehabilitation.

The program, financed by the German state, was supposed to include recreational activities in nature and multidisciplinary education provided by specialists in pedagogy, psychology and other fields”, Romania Insider has recently informed.

The suspects who recently have been arrested held the German teenagers in slave-like conditions, forced them to perform hard labor, each and every day, and subjected them to harsh punishments.

The German teenagers were often beaten.

A similar slavery case has occurred three years ago, in the small village of Berevoesti, în Arges county (southern Romania).


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